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Who doesn't love a good before and after pic?! It can be fun to swipe back and forth watching the transformation unfold.

During the years, we have carried out some small as well as some more extensive renovations on a few of our cottages and we though it would be cool to share some before and after pics with you ☺️


Because furniture gets outdated, trend changes and paint starts to fade out!

The structure of our cottages has remained the same, but it's crazy how much a space can change with some freshly painted walls, new decor, furniture and flooring!

Sometimes it is a challenge to decide what works and what doesn't, but we are pleased with the final result. I hope you are too 😄

Enough Talking! Here's some photos of our 2 bedroom x 1 bathroom Lavender Lane Cottage.


Before: Master Bedroom - Upper Level

After : Master Bedroom - Upper Level

What has changed: Ceiling has been painted white (can't actually see it in these after photos), mirror, furniture, linen, decor.

Before: Kitchen

After: Kitchen

What has changed: Flooring (we went from tiles to Scandinavian Country vinyl plank flooring), table/chairs, all the pine has been painted white, window, curtains, clock.

Before: Living area

After: Living Area

What has changed: All the pine has been painted white to brighter up the room, replaced TV cabinet with 2 shelves to create more room, replaced couches, floor rug, table and taken down a few things that were hanging on the wall and were making it too crowded.



Before: Outdoor Area

After: Outdoor Area

What has been added: Lean-to, seating area, new outdoor chairs, BBQ and fairy lights

Before: Master Bedroom

After: Master Bedroom What has changed: we have swapped a queen for a king size bed, changed bedside tables, lamps, art piece, brighter lights, flooring (we went from tiles to walnut vinyl plank flooring), linen, cushions and bed throw. We have also moved the chair elsewhere to make the room look less crowded.

Before: Bathroom

After: Bathroom

What we have changed: Tiles, Spa, Mirror and we have taken down all the pictures that were hanging on the wall to make it less crowded. You don't really need them anyway when you have this view right?! 😍


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