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Before making any booking make sure you always compare prices and find out the best deals, discounts and benefits you get when booking direct!

William Bay Cottages brings you even more value when booking direct with our exclusive direct booking offers. We are constantly looking at new ways to pass even more value onto our guests by coming up with great seasonal offers which we are sure you will love!

Hopefully you can see the benefits of booking directly with us and maybe make you think about using direct booking in the future. We always prefer dealing directly with our guest to ensure you are receiving the full personal service you deserve. CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST

Every destination is different, so you’ll want to read up on what the weather is going to look like in the place you’re going to and make a decision accordingly. At the moment, down here in Denmark we are still getting some cool days so our advice is to pack wisely. Always bring a warm jacket and a pair of boots in case it rains so you can still fully enjoy your time outdoors.


Traveling during low season makes your money go further. It’s the best time of year to grab a great travel bargain.

For some, this is the perfect time to enjoy a getaway with family and friends or have a romantic escape. A chance to escape from the city and surround themselves with nature, kick back and discover some amazing local areas, produce and wine.

Our cottages are perfectly nestled amongst karri and peppermint forest to ensure seclusion and complete privacy and cosy wood log fires add to the magical rustic charm of the cottages and will keep you toasty during colder days!

Enjoy some amazing local wine and cheese to have by the fire, in a spa or on a private balcony.


The difference between tourist numbers in summer and winter is like night and day. The joy that comes with having fewer people during these months is reason alone to travel during this time, as it adds to the feeling of relaxation and escape.

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