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Regional Wines

Denmark's main highlights are certainly the white sand beaches that stretch for kilometers and the crystal-clear waters, but there’s definitely more to it than that.

Denmark is home to several top cellar doors and the most predominant wines, grown and produced here, are certainly whites with Chardonnay being the leading one, followed by Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling.However, the cooler climate that characterizes the region also enables the production of delicate reds such as Pinot Noir.

If you wish to visit some local wineries you can book a trip with Denmark Wine Lovers Tour and enjoy the scenic drive through undulating hillsides, towering karri trees and lush forests.You can visit up to 5 of the following wineries, giving you exposure to a variety of cellar door styles:


The Great Southern is home to a variety of terrains, therefore has the capacity to produce world-class wines from a range of classic varieties and these are some examples taken from the James Halliday web page.


Chardonnay excels in Great Southern, featuring an aromatic bouquet and a palate that is intense without being too heavy. There are examples of unwooded styles, plus those that are barrel-fermented. Great Southern chardonnay does well when aged.

Singlefile Winery in Denmark has produced the 2019 Halliday Wine Companion's



There is a good spread of sauvignon blanc grown in Great Southern. It is a white wine varietal that is well suited to the conditions of the region, and wine produced from these grapes is scented with gooseberry and herbs.


Riesling is one of Great Southern’s favourite varietals. For good reason too: rieslings produced here have earned acclaim for their crisp flavour profiles and age-worthiness. James Halliday's 2019 Wine of the Year is a riesling from Great Southern.


Until recently, pinot noir was considered the territory of Great Southern’s southerly subregions (Denmark and Albany). The quality of pinot noir, as ever, is largely dependent on vintage conditions, but when right, the result is a wine that is light-bodied, restrained and pleasantly perfumed.


Somewhat of a new kid on the block in Great Southern, the cool-grown style here shows complexity, spicy blackberry and plum fruits, and good texture.


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