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5 Reasons Why You Need A Digital Detox

“Sorry did you say digital detox?” “Not a chance!”

I know this sounds absurd but why not give it a try, challenge your self and really see how addicted you are to this digital world. Have a read of this blog below from @nicoletovz posted on

It’s time to take a digital detox & move from an artificial life into a real one.

1. Your Digital Life Is Not Your Real One

It always feels strange to stop doing something you’ve been doing for years, but when you step out of the pseudo world within your phone, you will be awakened to what you’ve been missing this whole time. Believe it or not, the way you see the world right now largely has to do with the way you view social media. All those feeds fill our brains and become our reality. Being suddenly aware of what everyone’s doing all the time amps up the comparison game and lessens our ability to make decisions based off of what we truly want–and not what everyone else is doing. Don’t let social media and technology dictate the life you live; go live your real life, the way you want.

2. Time To Love Yourself.

With so much comparison going around, it’s no wonder that self-love is strange to understand. Every picture on social media gives a new meaning to the word “perfect,” and “beautiful.” When your reflection in the mirror doesn’t add up to the images you see on social media, your self-esteem goes down. When we’re constantly comparing, there’s no way we live the life we were always meant to be. It’s time to put down that smart phone and invest that time in developing self-love.

3. Moments Won’t Just Pass You By

Memories are always being created, and if we are constantly checking our phones, we’re bound to miss something. It’s simple pleasures that make life more fulfilling. It’s time to stop letting life pass us by and start experiencing all the real world has to offer us–instead of looking for it in a TV series or an Instagram account.

4. Getting Back To Creativity.

With all the energy the digital world drains from us, there’s less time to feel motivated to create, to complete our goals, and to chase our dreams. By taking time back for yourself, inspiration has room to rise again. It’s time to remember what it feels like to accomplish something, to dream outside of the box, and to chase the life you actually get to live.

5. Gain Your Control Back

When was the last time you completed your tasks and/or to-do lists on time without procrastinating? The digital world is a distraction that easily gets in the way of managing our time. We are wasting too much time on something that doesn’t matter in the long run. It’s time to gain back control of your sleep patterns, your work schedule, and your free time.

How Long Should You Detox?

A week is typically a good time for a digital detox. However, if you’re enjoying the process, why not extend it? Pick what works best for you but be sure to challenge yourself.  Moments are passing us by, and there’s a life out there that’s waiting for you to explore!

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